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why iPhone service should be done with a certified professional is, different iPhone has different difficulties, mainly some iPhone uses standard Philips screws and has hidden clips that make it extremely difficult to open them without damaging the device and removing the back panel is slightly difficult as it required a pentalobe driver and In addition, some mobiles LCD is fused in the front glass. The iPhone X has glass dominated front and back, making it difficult to find a replacement, and battery placement under the logic board makes it difficult to replace. so it is better to get serviced your iPhone with certified people in total care service center in Ernakulam, Kerala. 

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iPhone is one of the fastest and the smartest mobile phones in the world. Apple’s biggest strength in product innovation helped the iPhone gain success by ensuring that it was extremely functional and capable of delivering a rich mobile Internet browsing experience. Apple is known for creating unique, yet superior, products. As a result, it’s essential to confirm that technology performs a particular function in applications and content.

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